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Refresh Your Roof Without Replacing It

Find out how our reroofing service revamp roofs in St. Cloud, FL

Your shingle roof isn't broken, but the shingles look worn out. A few at the top of your roof are cracked, while some near the edges of your roof are stained. Is a roof replacement really the only way to improve your roof? Luckily, it isn't.

Reroofing with Mega Roofing LLC is an excellent alternative. Our local roofers based in St. Cloud, FL can top your roof with a second layer of shingles to:

Make your roof look like new
Add strength to the outside of your roof
Lengthen your roofs life span

Plus, it'll cost much less than replacing your roof. Call 407-780-2635 now for a free estimate on reroofing services.

Do you need roof repairs for your house?

Besides reroofing services, we also offer roof repairs and insurance assistance. We draw from decades of experience to fix many kinds of roofs, including shingle and metal roofs. That same experience helps us work with your insurance company. Hire our local roofers right away to get the most out of your insurance coverage.

Reach out today to schedule damaged roof replacement services in St. Cloud, FL or a surrounding area. We'd be glad to give you a free estimate.